Permits & where can I put my skip?

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Last updated: 20/09/2023

If you don't have a drive or private property but require a skip hire service, many people will wonder:

“Where can I place my skip?”

“Do I need a skip permit?”

There are several alternative options to consider for skip hire in Chesterfield, all of which involve a skip hire permit. 

What is a skip permit?

A permit for a skip refers to the permission granted by the local council to place your skip on public property. These places include public highways, a car park, or pavement.

We will apply for a skip permit if one is needed. We simply require a few days' notice to apply for the skip license. 

Skip locations which require a permit:

Whether you require a builders skip for commercial use or a domestic skip for residential, there are a number of options available should you not have access to private land.

Roadside or curb: With the public having access to the location and it being potentially hazardous, a permit is needed. When placing a skip on a road, certain safety measures may be required to prevent accidents and ensure visibility for those using the road.

Footpath: If there is enough space on the footpath besides your property and depending on your skip size. You may be able to place the skip there with a permit. Again, with it potentially obstructing walkways, certain safety precautions may need to be followed.

Car park and parking bays: If you have access to a nearby car park, you might be able to get a permit in the parking space. This can be quite common in urban or commercial areas.

Vacant space: If there are vacant spaces or lots in your area, you might be allowed to place a skip there.

Private Land: On private land, such as your land, construction sites, or business premises, you may place the skip if it doesn't violate any property regulations. 

Places where you can put your skip without a permit: Your own land.

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