Conditions Of Hire Terms And Conditions

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  1. The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that:-
    1. The container is sited to their or their agent’s instructions. Any damage to property, drives, etc. arising from delivery or collection of the container shall be the responsibility of the customer.
    2. No poisonous or hazardous waste is placed in the container unless prior notification under the Hazardous Waste Directive (HWD, Council Directive 91/G89/EC) (or subsequent amendments) has been made. If in doubt please communicate with the Company for advice.
    3. The container is not overloaded beyond its rated capacity.
    4. The level of the material in the container does not exceed the level of the sides of the container.
    5. The existing sides of the container are not increased by the use of boards or other materials in order to increase the volume of the loading space.
    6. The container is loaded in such a way and with such materials so as to ensure safe lifting and transportation of the container and contents without risk to other road users. Overloaded or dangerously loaded skips will not be removed. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove any surplus waste.
    7. Non of the following items are deposited in the skip:-Acids, asbestos, batteries, oils, solvents, liquids, paints, fridges, freezers, tyres, gas bottles, needles and sharps.This list is not exhaustive, but indicative of the type of prohibited waste. If in doubt contact the Company for advice.
    8. Fires are not permitted within the skip or its environs.
  2. The customer shall be responsible for paying costs arising from loss or damage to the container whilst on the customer’s premises or job location, (company driver’s negligence excepted) and such costs to include damage by fire. A surcharge will be made if unauthorised waste types are found in the skip.
  3. A charge will be made for void journeys.
  4. The contents of the container remain the property and responsibility of the producer of the waste (customer) until they have been accepted by a suitably licenced disposal site.
  5. When necessary it is the customer’s responsibility to lamp and cone containers sited on the public highway under the Highways Act 1980 Sections 39 & 40 or any subsequent amendments thereto.

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